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C. Hamerling

Software Hacker, Creating the @AwesomePaaS Enterprise Social Network and playing with drones @linagora

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I am Open Source Architect, Serial Coder at Linagora, a French software editor and professional services provider focused on Open Source Software. After more than 10 years developping heavy weight Java and Open Source products around Service Oriented Architecture, I am currently having a lot of fun building lightweight and fullstack web oriented solutions in javascript (be ready to see something completely awesome). I am also having fun with drones, trying to not destroy them all.

I do not maintain a blog anymore, this is too busy. Old stuff is mainly on Wordpress (archived on https://github.com/chamerling/articles). My Twitter @chamerling is quite enough, completed with my github i.e. coding is the new way to share what I have in mind.

You can still find sources of QuickHub.App on github. I decided to stop wasting time on it and open source it some months ago. So you can fork, send pull requests, do whatever you want with it. Thanks for all developers who bought it on the Mac App Store, you paid me some beers with the money you gave me!